It's a Video Course...It's an eBook...and It's Your Ticket to the P-E-R-F-E-C-T Pie Crust Every Time...

     "One of the reasons I'm so excited for you is because I know how proud you're going to feel when your pastry turns out perfect...your pies click...and you become a pie making hero to your family and friends. Pies make people happy. They make us feel connected. And being the one whose pies make all that magic happen is a wonderful thing."

-Ken Haedrich

from The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course



"Building your confidence is Ken Haedrich's key to success."

Chuck Williams, Founder of Williams-Sonoma

(from the cover of PIE, by Ken Haedrich)

Ken Haedrich, Dean of The Pie Academy

Dear fellow pie maker:

Hi, it's Ken Haedrich here - Dean of The Pie Academy - and If you're one of those cooks whose pie pastry turns out perfect every time, then congratulations!  You're already a pie-making dynamo. 

But if...

  • your pie dough misbehaves on a regular basis (sticks, rips, cracks, etc) and frustrates the dickens out of you
  • you're a total pie making newbie and you don't know where to begin 
  • you're NOT a total newbie, but your pie dough still acts like you are
  • your bottom crust suffers from Chronic Sogginess Syndrome (and nothing you've tried can prevent it)
  • you're tired of trying to assemble a cohesive pie pastry strategy from bits and pieces you find online
  • your dough disintegrates in midair when you try to get it in the pan (great for a laugh, but terrible for your morale)
  • you'd love to pass a pie making legacy on to your child or grandchild, and you're sad that it's not looking likely
  • you get good results about half the time, but they're inconsistent at best
  • you simply want to take your pie pastry skills up a notch
  • you've tried and tried to make a decent pie crust but your efforts have yielded little more than tears
  • darn it, you just want to make the most impressive pies in your circle

...then you owe it to yourself to get my brand new video course and companion ebook:

 The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course

Building the Perfect Pie from The Crust Up 

Let's face it: if anyone could learn to make a perfect pie crust just by reading a recipe, then everyone would be an expert, right?

But words - especially when you're learning how to make good pie pastry - are simply not enough. 

Back in the day, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and sisters taught the next generation of pie makers how to bake a pie. But they didn't do it by dictating a recipe. They did it by SHOWING their charge how it was done. By DEMONSTRATING the essential techniques. And offering words of encouragement along the way.

Most of us weren't fortunate enough to have someone like that. We never did make the visual connection to the pie making process...never had someone standing at our side to guide and encourage us. 

And that, my pie making friend, is what The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course is all about - an encouraging, you-can-do-this, step-by-step video roadmap and companion ebook to making the perfect pastry and the perfect pie, every time. 

Video - watching these lessons at your convenience - is the bridge between knowing what to do, and putting that knowledge into practice.

I know, because - without fail - every time I give a pie baking demonstration...or publish a how-to video on my website, hear the same thing: Oh, so THAT'S how you do it! You make it look so easy!

And it IS easy, once you see how it's done. But you need a guide, someone to show you that the road to the perfect pie crust isn't as bumpy, exasperating, and troublesome as you may think or might have experienced.

You need The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course.

It doesn't matter if you're 8 and brand new to pie making...88 years old and hoping to polish rusty skills...a busy an overworked professional seeking a creative weekend hobby. (I hear from quite a few stressed out professionals who use pie making to decompress.)

This course will jumpstart your pie making career faster than you ever imagined. 

Here's an overview of the 16 video lessons - and essential pastry-and-pie-making skills - you'll have access to in the course:

  • Lesson 1: Introduction - A hearty welcome and short background about the course. I'll take out the course map, tell you exactly what we're going to cover, and then we'll get right down to business.
  • Lesson 2: Get to Know Your Ingredients - I'll introduce the pie pastry that we'll be focusing on in the course, and give you the lowdown on the key ingredients.
  • Lesson 3: Making Your Dough in the Food Processor - The food processor is a great time saver for pie makers. We'll walk step-by-step through the process and learn how to do it perfectly. (Don't worry if you don't own one; see Lesson 5.)
  • Lesson 4: Shaping the Dough Disk - We cover what the dough should look like coming from the food processor, and how to shape it for rolling and refrigeration.
  • Lesson 5: Making Your Dough by Hand - In this lesson we learn the foolproof particulars of making pie dough the traditional way, by hand. 
  • Lesson 6: Setting Up Your Rolling Area - It pays to take a few minutes to set up your rolling area just so, and here's why.
  • Lesson 7: Time to Start Rolling - If you've ever wondered why your dough doesn't behave when you roll it, and what you can do about it, you'll find the answers here. 
  • Lesson 8: Let's Finish Rolling - How big do I roll? What if the dough starts to stick? Which pin should I use? It's all covered here.
  • Lesson 9: Getting the Dough Into Your Pan - Another big trouble spot for home bakers...but not after you watch this lesson.
  • Lesson 10: Shaping the Edge of Your Pastry - Seems like such a small thing, but making perfect pastry is about a lot of small things that can add up to a big difference. See exactly how it's done.
  • Lesson 11: Fluting the Edge of Your Pastry - Watch as we get up close and personal with the two basic flutes...and how to make sure they hold their shape.
  • Lesson 12: Attaching the Top Pastry - You're baking a double-crust fruit pie. The fruit is in the pie shell. Now, what's the best way to attach the top pastry? It's all here in Lesson 12. 
  • Lesson 13: Finishing the Top Pastry - Should you trim the edge? Flute it? Crimp it? Glaze it? We'll show you your options in this video, and get your pie ready for the oven.
  • Lesson 14: Let's Talk Ovens and Baking Strategy - You don't just slide your pie in the oven and hope for the best. It takes some strategy to bake your pie to perfection. That's what we cover here. 
  • Lesson 15: Is It Done Yet? - What are the clues that tells you your pie is done? How can you be sure? It's all here in this video.
  • Lesson 16: Enjoy the Journey - My closing thoughts on your pie making journey. 

Not to mention these 4 Bonus Videos. It all adds up to nearly one full hour of video know how, that you can watch and review whenever and wherever it's convenient for you:

  • Bonus Video 1: How to Make a Lattice Top Pie - When I demonstrate this simple technique in my pie classes, it brings down the house!
  • Bonus Video 2: This is How We Roll (nonstop) - No interruptions, no scene cutting, just me rolling a pastry from start to finish. It's a very helpful visual for anyone who has occasional challenges with rolling.
  • Bonus Video 3: How to Make a Round Cutting Template - I'll show you how to make the circular template I use to trim my dough before it goes into the pan. Not a requirement for pie making, but a handy tool to have around.
  • Bonus Video 4: How to Blind Bake a Pie Shell - All the tricks for taking the mystery out of this often mystifying step in the pie making process. 

Now, here's everything you get with

The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course

  • 16 lesson videos and 4 bonus videos - almost 1 full hour of lessons you can watch over and over (there's no need to download them; you simply log on to our special course website to access them)
  • 16 downloadable pdf files - 1 for each of the main lessons - to print out. These make up your 44-page companion ebook. Most are 2 pages long and include the transcript of the course, for quick reference, and enhancements like color photos and sidebars like the one you see here

  • 12 pages of recipes - my "Go-To" pastry recipes and variations, plus my favorite recipe for pie crust cookies, and my "Go-To" apple pie
  • Direct access to me, with your questions or feedback, via the "Comments" section of each lesson, an interactive feature of the course that I'll be monitoring regularly 

Some kind words for Ken Haedrich and

Love what you are doing with The Pie Academy! I certainly need the education - Margie Marks

Finally, at seventy, I decided that hit and miss on pies was not good enough. Decided to get serious. Your videos are great and I am having so much fun with your book. Thanks for making life fun for this old woman! - Lynn McLure

I just want to tell Ken that I love his book (PIE) and I love his recipes. It's my goal to make every pie in the book! Thanks for all the detailed ramblings and notes alongside the recipes. It feels like I'm reading a cookbook that has been passed down from a cherished relative. - Mariah Haws

Just made the corn pudding pie, awesome! - Barry MacEwan

I made your Fresh Peach Crumb Pie yesterday, and WOW! So good! The technique you gave for blanching the peaches to remove the skin worked great! Another delicious experience thanks to the Dean of The Pie Academy!  - Tina Connelly

Your Pie Academy is good medicine for the soul, too. Have a friend signing up...he just made a flop of a peach pie. - Ann

The Pie Academy has changed the way I make pies forever. I've never been a pie maker and have tried for years to make one my husband and children because of your academy, your videos, your understanding of how and why pies work, I am a pie making genius in the making. If we ever have another child, it will be named after you! - Chris Hlushak

I have liked everything about your website and tips. So when you endorse something, that means a lot. Thanks again for the follow up and for all the work you put into The Pie Academy. - Scott Fowler

Once again, thanks for your pie encouragement. Connected many of my pie-thetic friends to your site. I know they will finally make the pie of their dreams. - Sharon Huber

I absolutely LOVE your PIE book. I kept it checked out from the library for so long, they probably thought I'd lost it. I had to buy my own copy so I could stop paying late fees! - Callie Hagood

Love the pie boxes. Love the humor as well. Best school ever. So well done. - Katrina from Australia

Retired and love to bake. I'm delighted to be on your website and love to learn more about cooking. Never too old to learn something new. - Betty Brown

I love The Pie Academy (and so does my family!!) I just purchased your Apple Pie book. I can't wait to start reading, then baking my perfect apple pie. Thanks for all your advice. - Becky Marksberry

Thanks for your funny, amazing and delicious site! If you'd like some Brazilian ideas for pies, please let me know. I'll be glad to share. - Debora Sitnik

Baked your Peach Blueberry Pie with Oatmeal Crumb Topping today. Must say it turned out very nice. Wonderful flavor combination of the peaches, blueberries and a hint of lemon. Thanks for sharing. - Rob Bard

--My NO-RISK, MONEY BACK Guarantee--

Try The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course for 30 days. Watch the videos as much as you want...and print out the ebook. If you decide you haven't gotten your money's worth - and then some - tell us in an email and I'll refund your payment. You even get to keep the ebook. 

 OK, Ken!

 I'm ready to purchase The No-More-Tears Pie Pastry Course and get on the fast track to pie mastery. I understand that you'll be right there with me, to answer questions and encourage me, and I want to take this journey together.

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